Winter is Coming. (And So Is My Book!)

That probably sounds weird.  Unless you’re a Game of Thrones fan — in which case, I hope you read the blog title in Sean Bean’s voice, because I know I always do.

TEMPING IS HELL… my latest novel, an Urban Fantasy with a lot of Chick Lit attitude, is coming.

CathyYardley_badgeI have been waiting for years for this particular book to come out.  I’ve got a great blog tour lined up, culminating in the Fools for Love February stop (see badge.)  I’ve got interviews and fun little scenes and holiday memos from Fiendish Enterprises.

But most of all….ohhhhh, the book.

How I love this book.

I know, all authors probably say that.  But this is different.  I love, love, LOVE this book.

Of the (sixteen? seventeen?) books I’ve written… this is my favorite.

It was also the hardest to get published.  I started writing it almost four years ago now, and it went through a lot of iterations.  My agents tried shopping it two years ago.  Most of the major publishers said the same thing:

“We love the voice.  We just don’t know how to sell it.”

Rejection.  Rejection.  Reluctant, kind, but ultimately… rejection.


A brave publisher rises.

Then, finally — the  then-nascent publisher Entangled stepped up to the plate.  Editor Heather Howland had been nice enough to do a beta read of the first fifty pages for me… she was working for Entangled, and she said she wanted it.

I promised my agents I’d give it a shot at the Big Six publishers in New York, but something about Entangled just appealed.  For one thing, they’re just my kind of crazy.  For another, they’re truly lovely people.  And I liked their attitude, their ethic, and their guts.

Besides — they loved my book.  Almost as much as I did.  And they weren’t afraid of trying to sell a book that wasn’t about vampires, werewolves, or angels in a time when Urban Fantasy appeared to be finally losing steam.

Long story short — TEMPING IS  HELL, the first book in my Necessary Evil series, comes out in January.  You’ll be hearing a lot about it from me (not spamming, but a whole lot of squeeing, people!)

And I hope you try it, because I really, really think you’ll enjoy it.

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