Oooh. New cover!

Hello, handsome!

Just saw that I got a cover for the first book in my Blaze trilogy:  The Player’s Club: Scott.  And lo and behold… Scott!

I love this book, and this series.  It’s sort of like The Dead Poet’s Society meets The Bucket List… or maybe Fight Club.   And Scott’s our introduction to it.  He sees a group of guys meeting in a back alley across from his apartment at two o’clock in the morning, but they don’t look like criminals — they’re wearing anything from skate grunge to tuxedos, and he can’t for the life of him figure out what’s going on.  When he decides to investigate, he discovers two things:  an underground Club, dedicated to facing what you’re afraid of and doing what you’ve only dreamed… and his cute girl-next-door-neighbor Amanda, who mistakenly believes Scott’s some kind of daredevil!

I’ll be putting up the blurb and an excerpt soon… but had to share.  Can’t wait to see this one come out!



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