It’s here, lovies. TEMPING IS HELL is out today!

EntSelec-00040(cove#2681F83“I drink from the keg of glory…  Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land!”

Oh, my sweet lord, yes.

Today.  My book, my baby, the world’s toughest sell, comes out today.

I feel like doing a touchdown dance.  At some point, I imagine I will spontaneously break out in song.  (God willing, this will not be in public.)

Temping Is Hell is out, y’all.  It’s available for sale.  It’s a digital release, so fire up your e-readers or tablets, and snap this puppy  up. And then be prepared to laugh your ass off.

Ain’t too proud to beg.

You know I’m not the hard sell girl.  (In fact, I think I may have missed announcing several of my release dates in the past.  D’oh!)

But I will say this:  I love this book, beyond reason, wisdom, and public decorum.

I would get a tattoo of several of the lines of dialogue.  On my face.  (Okay, possibly just my arm.)

It’s the book I’d be waiting for if I hadn’t written it.  It’s a book I would fangirl squeal for.  I would put the next release date on the calendar and sign up for the newsletter to be sure I didn’t miss it.  I would tell all my friends about it and yammer at them until they got a copy so I could then quote at them and have them quote along with me.  

I feel this strongly about it.

So I’m asking you to give my book a try.  Heck, if you don’t like it, you can always return it (yes, you can return digital copies, I just found that out. It’s within a week or something.)

Commitment shy?  Just read the excerpt.  You don’t even have to download a sample.

It’s got a smattering (okay, for a sailor) of, erm, mature language.  Lots of geek references.  A metric ton of office humor.  And a healthy dose of smexy.  (Mmmm.  Smexy.)

Try it.  You’ll like it.  🙂  And please share, re-tweet, post on facebook, pin on Pinterest.  Frighten someone on public transportation with a spontaneous squee.

I know I will.

P.S.  I will give a free copy to the first person who can tell me where the bagel quote comes from. 😉


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