I juggle full time writing with a very active four year old: you probably can relate to the concept of lacking copious spare time.

That said, I love, love, love hearing from people.

If you’ve got a question, or you want to hear about something I’m not covering, or you just want to rant, I’m going to listen with interest.

And I’m going to get back to you.  I might not get to you today, or tomorrow, but I will definitely get back to you.

Please feel free to email me cathy(at) cathyyardley (dot) com. I’m also on Facebook a lot.  Twitter — not so much, but I’m getting there.  Email’s really the best way.

If it’s about a post, try commenting.  I’ll answer more quickly that way, and have the related post right in front of me, which is handy.

I’m phone phobic, so no phone calls, and I’m working on the PO box.  In the meantime, see you online. :)