Ship of Fools: A Geek Girl Rom Com (Fandom Hearts Book 6)

Ship of Fools: A Geek Girl Rom Com (Fandom Hearts Book 6)
Ten years ago, two hearts were shattered when Ren Chu broke off a secret engagement with his high school sweetheart Rachel Frost. Getting his Ivy League education and becoming the heir to his family's multi-billion dollar enterprise was a pressure he could not withstand. He promised he'd always be there if Rachel needed him...and Rachel swore that it'd be a cold day in hell before she took him up on that promise.  Now hell has frozen over. When Rachel's sister Cressida has an emergency, she swallows her pride and asks Ren for help. In exchange for getting Cressida out of her jam, Ren asks simply that they catch up when everything calms down. Which leads to a date. Which leads to a kiss that reminds them both of just what they've been missing all these years.  Ren never stopped loving Rachel. Now that she's back in his life, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her there. Rachel is wary, and rightfully so - he's stepped into his rightful place in the family business, working 80-hour weeks and having no social life to speak of.  Rachel is stuck between the desire she's always felt for Ren, and the remembered devastation she felt when he left her high and dry with a ring and an apology. Ren is caught between family obligation and the love of his life. Can this ship set sail, or are they sunk before they even leave the harbor?
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About the Book
Series: Fandom Hearts Series
Genres: New Releases, Romantic Comedy
Tags: Featured, Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 9781944627065
List Price: 3.99
eBook Price: 3.99
Audiobook Price: 17.46
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